Kexin Shi (石可心)

Shot in London, Nov 2023


I am a visiting scholar at CMU Robotics Institute advised by Prof. Deepak Pathak. Previously, I was a master research student at Robotics and Perception Group (RPG) led by Prof. Davide Scaramuzza. My current interests focus on developing embodied robotic agents by leveraging the power of foundation models to boost its generality, intelligence and functionality.

During my master, I also have research experiences at Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) led by Prof. Macro Hutter and Computer Vision and Geometry Group (CVG) led by Prof. Marc Pollefeys. Prior to master, I obtained Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science at Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2020.

I have spent many colorful summers in different places. In 2022, I attended ETHz Robotics Summer School. In 2019, I participated in NUS SOC Summer WorkShop. In 2018, I was an exchanged summer student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my works and want to collaborate with me!


Jan 29, 2024 Our work Extreme Parkour with Legged Robots was accpeted by ICRA 2024. See you in Yokohama, Japan!
Nov 21, 2023 In the past month, I was invited to give talks about our extreme parkour work at REAL at Stanford, Biomimetic Robotics Lab at MIT and Dynamic Robot Systems Group at Oxford Robotics Institute.
Nov 10, 2023 It was super exciting to meet lots of new friends at CoRL 2023 in Atlanta and discuss about our extreme parkour work. We also showed a live demo, please check!
Sep 16, 2023 Our work Extreme Parkour with Legged Robots was released!
Jul 24, 2023 I arrived in Pittsburgh and started my visiting in person at CMU Robotics Institute.
Jun 10, 2023 I have spent a wonderful week at ICRA 2023 in London, UK. It was my pleasure to present my work as well as meet many new friends!
Jan 17, 2023 Our work Learning Perception-Aware Agile Flight in Cluttered Environments was accepted by ICRA 2023. See you in London, UK!
Sep 10, 2021 I joined in Robotics and Perception Group (RPG) as a graduate researcher.



Extreme Parkour with Legged Robots
Xuxin Cheng*, Kexin Shi*, Ananye Agarwal, Deepak Pathak

ICRA 2024
CoRL 2023 Generalist / Roboletics / Deployable Workshop (Oral)

An end-to-end data-driven approach that can scale to the challenging task of precise and extreme parkour with onboard sensing.

Learning Perception-Aware Agile Flight in Cluttered Environments
Yunlong Song*, Kexin Shi*, Robert Penicka, Davide Scaramuzza

ICRA 2023

A learning-based method that achieves perception-aware, minimum-time, vision-based flight in cluttered environments.



An Offline Python SLAM using COLMAP
Team members: Kexin Shi, Yidan Gao, Weirong Chen, Yifei Liu
Supervised by Paul-Edouard Sarlin and Marc Pollefeys

An offline python SLAM using COLMAP and ORB-SLAM which is robust, accurate, and highly extensible.

Monocular Markerless 6D Pose Estimation of ANYmal
Team members: Kexin Shi, Ivan Alberico
Supervised by Jonas Frey, Victor Klemm and Marco Hutter

An accurate toolbox for localization and pose estimation of ANYmal without external sources like depth cameras or QR codes.

Efficient Spatio-Temporal Processing of Event Data
Team members: Kexin Shi, Yifei Liu
Supervised by Mathias Gehrig, Nico Messikommer and Davide Scaramuzza

A point-voxel-based model for efficient spatio-temporal processing of event data in classification task and optical flow regression task.


I spend my spare time in reading, painting and traveling. More photographs can be found in my Instagram.
Particularly, I also enjoy some thrill sports to challenge myself.

Life is waiting us to explore more. Let's keep moving.